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​Pick-up and To-go Beer Only: 

  • Monday: 12pm-7pm

  • Tuesday: 12pm-7pm

  • Wednesday: 12pm-7pm

  • Thursday: 12pm-7pm

  • Friday: 12pm-7pm

  • Saturday: 12pm-7pm

  • Sunday: 12pm-7pm


Daze IPA

69 IBU | 6.8% ABV 

For the hop lovers, we present our flagship IPA. Citrus, apricot, passion fruit, and black pepper aromas introduce this moderately-strong American Ale. We dry hop 100 Daze with modern American hop varieties to create a strong, hoppy bitterness that will linger into the aftertaste.  Clean, supporting malt flavor allows the hops to shine.  Did we mention hops?

*Try if you like: Deschutes Fresh-Squeezed IPA

Rod's Reel Cream Ale

15 IBU | 5.0% ABV 

American-style, all malt ale.  Our cream ale is a crisp, light ale brewed with two-row barley, German pilsner malt, and just a touch of flaked maize.  Light and well-balanced without hoppy bitterness, this sparkling golden brew goes down dry and leaves a hint of bready sweetness.  If you are new to craft beer or just love a high quality American-style ale like we do, then this “not Bud” is for you.

*Try if you like: any mainstream American-style lager like Budweiser, PBR, or Coors.

Dixie's Heart Irish Red Ale
23 IBU | 5.0% ABV

Reflective of our laid-back ‘Bama attitude, we’ve created this easy-drinking pint with rich caramel and toffee flavors and a medium hop bitterness.  Just slightly sweet, the balance of the beer is more malted than bitter, with just a touch of spice and a roasted dryness at the finish.

AREA 251
hazy ipa
49 IBU | 6.5% ABV

It's juicy. It's hazy. It's full of hops. And you can only get it right here in Area Two Fifty-One. We present our take on the haze craze with this delightfully aromatic and tropical IPA, Light carbonation without a bitter bite makes this one go down like orange juice! Late addition hops are like a punch to the nose!